Asphalt Paving

Grannas Bros. uses highway-class paving machines that produce a superior finish asphalt surface. We also compact the asphalt with vibratory rollers weighing between 5 and 10 tons. All of our aggregates and asphalt products are certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. We have over 40 years experience paving driveways, parking lots, city streets, and state highways. Over that period we have enjoyed an outstanding reputation for performing quality work. Why choose anyone else? Contact our main office for an appointment for a job estimate.

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Concrete Delivery

When a company is looking for the best and longest lasting concrete they come to us first. We don't cut corners on any job, and make sure every edge mix design is perfectly measured. We use the latest technology in concrete plants. Our plant is completely computer controlled to eliminate the chance of human error. Our mix designs have been field tested to provide the best strength per application. We offer 5 different mix designs ranging from 2500 PSI to 5500 PSI and higher. We also offer additives to ward off cracking and provide strenght under heavy loads. Call our main office for details.

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Stone Delivery

The state requires us to thoroughly test our stone products before they can be used on state funded construction jobs. This same quality stone is what arrives at your home or workplace. All of our stone is certified and meets or beats all standards. We offer 8 different stone sizes. Which you choose is dependent upon what the application requires. 2RC makes a great sub-base for driveways, while AASHTO #1 or RIP RAP would work best in drainage areas. Call our main office, we can help you determine your needs.

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Important Notices:
*Asphalt at the Hollidaysburg Plant may not be available at certain times. Please Call the main office in Hollidaysburg before arriving to make sure production is scheduled. Call (814) 695-5021
**Asphalt facilities located in Ganister schedule shutdown at 4pm and earlier. Please call before 4pm if you need to pick up asphalt. Otherwise, calling later may result in the plant already being closed for the day.