Ready-Mix Concrete

We are a Penn DOT certified concrete materials provider, and carry all state class concrete mixtures. We also offer custom mixes as well as the most common residential and commercial mix strengths. We use the best BASF fiber materials for our mixtures. Are you looking for Colored Concrete? We have that as well!

Most Common Mixes

2500 PSI
Our most popular concrete, common uses are floors, patios, and swimming pool walkways.

3500 PSI
The second most common concrete is this stronger version of the 2500 mix. Used for sidewalks, basement floors, and basement walls.

4000 PSI
If a buyer is concerned with the strength of their driveway under heavy use, our recommendation is 4000. Used in garage floors and driveways.

4500 PSI
Heavy Duty Concrete for household and industrial applications. Common uses are driveways and garages.

5500 PSI
This quick strengthening mix is used commonly in jobs that require high-tensile strength in a short amount of time.

6000+ PSI
Commercial strength mixes are also available. Please Contact Us for orders.

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