Asphalt & Blacktop

25mm - BCBC - ID-2 Binder

Recommended Paving Depth: 2" (Light auto traffic only)

ID-3 Wearing Course is basically a compromise mix, blending the strength characteristics of a base course with the sealing properties of a surface course. This mix was designed to be used by customers who wanted to pave with a base course only, with out placing a surface wearing course immediately. It contains crusted limestone particles 1 inch and smaller cemented together by asphalt oil. Because of the smaller aggregate, the ID-3 sacrifices some strength properties of the BCBC and Binder courses ins order to provide a tighter, better sealing product. However, it does allow some water penetration, and a surface course should be placed on it withing three to five years, depending on the strength of the stone base. Grannas Bros. recommends placing 2-1/2 inches of ID-3 to provide a tighter, smoother textured finish and give added stability.

19mm - ID-3 Wearing Course

Recommended Paving Depth: 2.5" (Light auto traffic only)

BCBC and ID-2 Binder are separate mix designs but have essentially the same properties. They both use a maximum 1-1/2 inch coarse crushed limestone and have a very open texture. Theses large aggregate, or stones, in combination with small aggregate and asphalt form a very stable base course. ID-2 Binder uses the same mix design as BCBC but adds additional asphalt and fine aggregate. BCBC is designed to be placed in lifts 2 inches and deeper, especially in areas with heavy truck traffic. Both mixes are designed to be laid as a base course for strength purposes, and then coupled with a wearing course to seal the open pores of the mix. On light traffic areas such as parking lots and driveways, Grannas Bros. recommends placing a 2 inch base course and a 1-1/2 inch ID-2 wearing course.

9.5mm - ID-2 Wearing Course

Recommended Paving Depth: 1.5" (Light auto traffic only)

ID-2 Wearing Course is placed as a surface coat, or topcoat, on top of a BCBC or Binder course. It seals the open pores of the base course and provides a smooth, even finish. This mix uses a maximum .5" course aggregate, in combination with fine aggregate and a higher content of asphalt. ID-2 Wearing Courses can be found on Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Highways, commercial parking lots, and residential driveways. Whether resurfacing existing blacktop of placing a surface course on a fresh base course, Grannas Bros. recommends placing 1-1/2 inches of this material. Grannas Bros. also produces an ID-2 Special Wearing Course that adds additional limestone particles to give it an even smoother finished product. This mix works especially well on driveways.