Robert Jubelier Industrial Park - 2002

Picture 1
The railroad crossing seen when entering the area.
Picture 2
The beautiful sign signifying the industrial park area.
Picture 3
The entrance to the park with our concrete curbing and asphalt.
Picture 4
Another beautiful shot of the railroad crossing.

Picture 5
The park was quite a beautiful area when finished.
Picture 6
The industrial park is situated right along the railroad tracks.
Picture 7
Our scrapers had a tough time in the swampy terrain.
Picture 8
A view from the main road heading towards Tyrone, PA.
Important Notices:
*Asphalt at the Hollidaysburg Plant may not be available at certain times. Please Call the main office in Hollidaysburg before arriving to make sure production is scheduled. Call (814) 695-5021
**Asphalt facilities located in Ganister schedule shutdown at 4pm and earlier. Please call before 4pm if you need to pick up asphalt. Otherwise, calling later may result in the plant already being closed for the day.