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Interstate 99 BedfordView Project
Grannas Bros. resurfaced a four mile stretch of I-99 between Claysburg and Bedford.
The Ganister QuarryView Project
Here is a bird's eye view of the Ganister quarry. Want a closer look, view the gallery!
Convention Center CommonsView Project
Altoona is getting a new state of the art theater. You can see pictures of us providing concrete for Carmike Cinemas!
Frankstown Road SheetzView Project
Grannas Bros. concrete being placed by Cottles Inc. on Frankstown Road exit off I-99

The Grannas Philosophy

We believe that being humble is a key part to success. One person is not to credit for the success of Grannas Brothers. Everyone excels at their job and has played a part in our growth. No one person is worth more than anyone else, especially when it comes to our family and employees. 

Over the past 20 years we’ve grown a lot by reinvesting profits into equipment, employees, and by bidding bigger jobs. This also would not be possible without having the limestone materials we need, and in 1996 our Ganister quarry made it all possible. 

If you do good work you will have opportunities that present themselves. Our Grandfather and Father taught us how to work. We are not asking our men to do something we would not do ourselves. You need good leadership and need to work together.

We’ve always believed in doing things the right way, you do it the right way whether or not it costs you. If you do things right it may cost you in the short run but you will be rewarded in the long run. We look at the customer as a long term relationship. We will go the extra mile and do it right, we want our customers to be satisfied so they will tell a neighbor or a relative about us.

Our Company

Industry Leaders
While preserving a family owned operation, we have become an industry leader, we provide construction services in transportation, federal, state, mining, construction materials, and concrete markets.

Asphalt Paving & Products
Grannas Bros. uses highway-class paving machines that produce a superior finish asphalt surface. We use the same quality equipment on driveways and parking lots that we use on million dollar highway jobs.

Ready-Mix Concrete
We are a Penn DOT certified concrete materials provider, and offer custom mixes as well as the most common residential and commercial mix strengths. We also offer many different colors of colored concrete!

Crushed Stone
The state requires us to thoroughly test our stone products before they can be used on state funded construction jobs. You can be certain that the quality of stone you will get from us will be up to the highest standards.